WayCool was formed in 2015 to transform the agri-products supply chain. We currently deliver over 250 SKUs of fruits and vegetables, and over 100 SKUs of branded food products to 500+ clients across Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru. Our Fruits and Vegetables are sourced from over 150 partners, such as Farmer Producer Companies, franchised aggregators and professional agri producer companies. These partners have access to over 20,000 farmers across 10 states.

Produce is directly procured from these farmers, weighed and graded in a transparent manner. All payments are electronic, to ensure traceability and transparency.

Produce is moved in our fleet of GPS enabled trucks, graded and sorted in our mechanised distribution centres and delivered to clients. Post-harvest handling protocols are strictly adhered to, with carefully curated technology selected and tailored to suit each product. WayCool works with a number of technology partners - Private and Government - to constantly upgrade post-handling capability and continually reduce wastage and inefficiencies.

Channels: Services

WayCool delivers fresh produce and other products to Hotels, Restaurants and Institutional canteens. Fill rates, timeliness and quality are these clients' critical requirements. They also present the biggest challenges, given the complexity of the supply chain, and the large number of external factors that impact this. WayCool is continually building a number of fail-safe mechanisms to constantly improve its fill rates and ensure timely deliveries to clients. These include increasingly accurate forecasting techniques using machine learning, redundant sourcing, GPS tracking and automated route optimization of vehicles, and investing in superior handling techniques to reduce damage and rot.

Channels: Distribution

We distribute a carefully curated portfolio of branded food products to modern retailers as well as individual retail outlets across Chennai. Our brands include the following: Origin Verified, Typhoo, Allfresh, FarmFolks, Ta-Daa, Triguni, Vakya, Paperboat, Hersheys.

Channels: Cash and Carry

Our cash-and-carry operations carry out wholesales of fresh produce sourced nationally, into all markets in Tamil Nadu,through our own cash-and-carry outlets. Onions, Garlic, Rice, Seasonal fruits and several other products are distributed through these channels.



Whether it's greens or fruits you're looking for, we have an amazing range of fresh produce across the regular, rare and micro varieties. Sourcing over 250 different kinds of SKUs directly from our farmers, our fruits can be tropical, seasonal and exotic too.

Building strong testing capabilities to guide farmers towards lower use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Techniques under development at our purpose-built facility, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Innovation Labs, include BRICs testing, nitrate testing and NIR Spectrometry.

A carefully curated portfolio of technologies for post-harvest handling, which enable extension of shelf life, improvement in hygiene and reduction of wastage, at a cost structure suitable to Indian market. These include low cost refrigerated transport and storage, modified atmosphere packing, high humidity storage units, ethylene absorption technology, government certified safe natural ripening and more.

Extensive use of automation, resulting in very fast, very short supply chain with very less rehandling (1 or 2 rehandlings, against more than 5 in the traditional supply chain). Our native vegetables reach customers within 6 hours of harvest. >80% of our SKUs reach customers within 24 hours of harvest. This is enabled through use of automated route optimisation, GPS tracking of vehicles, fully mechanised collection and distribution centres, predictive analytics of consumption using Machine Learning, and several other technologies.




Vinod K Dasari

Non Executive Chairman

Karthik Jayaraman


Sanjay Venkat Dasari

Executive Vice President
Retail & Marketing


Vignesh Kumar Manogaran

Executive Vice President
DC Operations

Sendhil Kumar Natarajan

Executive Vice President
Sourcing & Procurement

Subramanian Akkulan

Executive Vice President
Information Technology

Chinna Pardhasaradhi

Chief Financial Officer
Accounts & Finance

Amarendran Chodavaram

Business Partner (HR)

Joseph Ravikumar

Business Partner (HR)


C K Ranganathan

Founder and Chairman of
CavinKare Pvt Ltd

Ramesh Mangaleswaran

Senior Director,
McKinsey and Company

Deepak Garg

Founder Rivigo Logistics


Dr K Balasubramaniam

Former director at MS Swaminathan Research Foundation,
Vice President of Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada

Dr R Ramasubramaniyan

Director – National Agro Foundation

Dr Harinder Singh Oberoi

Professor of Post-Harvest Management at Indian Institute of Horticultural Research

Dr S Bhuvaneshwari

Senior Scientist (ASPE), Division of Post Harvest Technology and Agricultural Engineering, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bengaluru