Consumer Brands
WayCool's Consumer brands are built ground up with extensive quality control from source to your doorstep. We provide the best in class consistency and variety across product categories including Fruits, Vegetables, Cooking Oils, Dairy, Rice, Pulses and even value added products like Pastes, Purees and Batter.


Any meal is incomplete without good quality rice

Which is why, we at Madhuram are bringing you the finest variety of rice sourced from across the country. No matter where you are from or what your taste is, Madhuram has the rice products to make every meal memorable. Sourced from select farms, Madhuram offers a range of everyday rice like Ponni, Rajabogam, Sona Masoori, HMT etc. and everyday Dals like Urad and Toor.


KitchenJi is your kitchen companion that helps you explore, discover, and experience good quality staples for your daily cooking requirements

KitchenJi offers a range of specialty rice, dals & pulses, sugar, jaggery and a range of whole spices that make your food delightfully flavourful.



Fresh, high quality Indian fruits and vegetables

We have developed an integrated, zero-compromise supply chain with end-to-end transparency that ensures proper quality checks from procurement to last-mile delivery. We handpick every SKU from its specialized belt like coconuts from Pollachi and pomegranate from Maharashtra. Next time you think of bananas, pineapples, coconuts, melons and pomegranates of unparalleled quality, think DeziFresh!


L’exotique offers consumers the best of fresh fruits with its range of exotic and premium produce from around the world

Started in 2020, L’exotique aims to provide a taste of exotic fruits, sourced from around the world, with consistency. We believe in working towards importing goodness across hemispheres. At L’exotique, we procure the best quality fruits from the best-in-class orchards and move them through our state-of-the-art supply chain to ensure the natural attributes of the fruits are retained to the fullest. A final inspection from the world’s leading testing and certification company puts a final seal on the quality and ensures that only the best amongst these premium fruits reach our consumers.



Premium Indian Apples and Citrus, processed and packed to global standards

The major fruits AllFresh deals in are Apples, Citrus fruits (mainly Nagpur Oranges, Kinnow and Sweet lime) and Stone fruits (plums, pears). The fruits are sourced from 1000+ farmers across Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra. 150+ customers are served by AllFresh throughout India across general trade and modern trade.


Make traditional cooking convenient with a range of ready to cook and ready to eat products

Fresheys offers a range of fun, convenient, easy to use products that are ready to eat (e.g. boiled lentils, curd, bread) and ready-to-cook products, condiments and ingredients (idli./dosa batter, paneer, ghee, etc.,)


Just Potate

Processed potato products to make your cooking convenient

Just Potate from SV AGRI brings to you the ready to mash Potato Flakes (as ingredient), ready to cook Potato Slices and Potato Julienne (Lachha) that are unbelievably convenient, saves valuable time, easy to store and with a longer shelf life.

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