Designing the Future of Food with Tech

Avinash Kasinathan

WayCool’s comprehensive tech stack in the food supply chain bridges the gap between the producer, retailer, and consumer, ensuring food safety and traceability of produce, meaning all parties can easily trace the food back to its origins. WayCool has also been a forerunner of this platform in India, constantly attempting to redefine the future of food, offering support that helps streamline the food supply chain and reduce inefficiencies in food quality management using technology to empower these stakeholders.

Building an efficient and responsive supply chain that handles perishable products is key to reinventing the supply chain environment around the world. Some of the technology solutions created by us have reached a stage of maturity where the same can be independently used by other operators in the global food supply chain, to their benefit.

With WayCool being in the food industry for so long, we took the practitioner's view and looped in all problem statements of all stakeholders to create ‘Censa’, a unified platform for the same.

The food economy globally is a USD 10 trillion market, with India being a significant part of it. In order to make a difference in this economy, especially with the way food is grown, transformed, and moved across the agri-value chain, we saw an opportunity to participate in the dynamics. Censa allows WayCool to do exactly that, creating scope to reach more markets, and move faster towards making a change and, therefore, reimagining the way we look at food.

With a team of 300 members, Censa provides technological products as configurable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions in the agriculture, processing, distribution, retail, consumer, and financial sectors. Censa's SaaS solutions will assist in achieving the goal of having 1% of the world's food pass via the platform, allowing it to make a significant contribution to this age-old supply chain.

Catering to the global market

Most players in the food value chain are supply-driven. However, the need to be demand-driven is now supported by the flipped supply chain model created by WayCool. Such objectives form the core of the Censa platform, by making it applicable to clients across the globe.

The market Censa is focused on is two archetypes of global customers. The primary market is medium-sized enterprises that have established systems and processes but are looking at an agile digital agri-tech transformation and support. On the other hand, we have other agri-tech startups that need the relevant corporate governance and guardrails in place to function better.

With the launch of Censa, we are committed to transforming the global food ecosystem on the back of advanced tech while also benefiting all stakeholders simultaneously.

Current scenario and the way forward

While the world is focusing on yield improvement and production, the bigger issue is in ensuring what is grown gets consumed without any disruption in the supply chain. Therefore, we understand the need to leverage innovation capabilities and we have been focusing on the key elements which act as the know-how all along the food supply chain.

The next ‘Green Revolution’ is one with a powerful tech momentum that promises to produce more with less wastage using technology. At WayCool, tech is about infinite possibilities and opportunities to trace the soil to the sale process, and with our growing stakeholders and clients globally, it is important that these parties align together on a single platform like Censa.

With food being one of the strongest levers for improving health and sustainability, Censa aims to use innovations that will represent the future of our food and, perhaps, create more opportunities to increase food security around the world. Our goal is to help feed the world’s growing food demands, and promote sustainable global food production. And we are resilient now that there is only one way to go – ‘forward toward the future of food'

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