Making A NetZero Impact

For a green and sustainable living
Zero Liquid Waste
Zero Waste to
Carbon Avoidance Strategies

Use of energy efficient systems. Harnessing renewable energy. Reducing food travel miles and dump generation. Transition to green logistics.

Carbon Removal Strategies

Reforestation measures like Miyawaki plantation and agroforestry. Through soil uptake following regenerative agriculture practices.

Net Water Positive

The global water scarcity, accelerated by the climate crisis, has pushed the need for conserving water to the forefront. WayCool aims to become water positive across its operations by undertaking initiatives that allow the company to give back more water than originally consumed. This will be achieved through water conservation and harvesting potential within our operations as well as outside.

Zero Liquid Waste Discharge

Attaining Zero Liquid Waste Discharge is a long-term goal of WayCool. We aim to avoid used water discharge outside our operations boundary by creating an environmental impact as well as adhering to regulations. The objective is to cease dumping of used water into the ground or water channels that may add to existing pollutants. WayCool envisages to ensure 100% of the water treated and reused within our facility meets our domestic needs or goes into groundwater recharge.

Zero Liquid Waste To Landfill

The linear life cycle that a food commodity has, from shelf to landfill, has a significant impact on the environment in terms of pollution as well as resources lost. WayCool has adopted a circular approach to achieve zero dumping of food waste. We are exploring opportunities to avoid dump generation in our supply chain and operations as well as identifying ways for upcycling the value of food by reusing and recycling, thereby preventing it from reaching the landfill.

Going Solar at Our Largest Warehouse

WayCool has switched to clean, renewable energy, having installed 144 solar panels of 64 kilowatt to produce an average of 246 units of electricity every day. That’s how we move 900+ tons of products every day responsibly.