Enhancing the Resilience of Agriculture through Technology

We at Outgrow believe in enhancing the resilience of Indian agriculture to external vulnerabilities by being an agri-tech platform that helps strengthen commercially viable practices and provide sustainable agricultural income.

Outgrow is a ‘Phygital’ platform, bringing the physical network of Outgrow Network Partners (ONPs), and Digital Services through Outgrow – Kisan Ka Super App together. Outgrow Network Partners are the one-stop platform for all Outgrow services and are farmers’ trusted partners. They provide services such as Automated Soil Labs, Microclimatic Weather Devices, input purchase, and crop advisory. Outgrow – Kisan Ka Super App is an easy-to-use and intuitive application. Farmers can predict and detect crop disease in real-time, get everyday mandi prices, know how much and when to irrigate, and call and chat with agri experts. This application aids farmers to improve their productivity and reduce losses in crop lifecycle management.


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Digital Solutions for Farmers

Outgrow’s initiatives help farmers across the ‘Seed to Sale’ process. Leveraging the technical expertise and advisory actions from mentors, farmers can not only increase their productivity but also boost their sales. Some of the solutions are mentioned below:

Soil Health Management

Testing soil health is a fundamental step to addressing the nutritional inadequacies in the soil and help rationalise fertilizer use. Outgrow provides soil testing covering over 12 micro and macro nutrients from your farm. Book your services through the app with the nearest Outgrow Network Partner.

Irrigation Management

Both over irrigation and under irrigation can lead to loss in crop or low yields. Through our advanced AI-based models, we are able to provide farmers “when” and “how much” to irrigate and this is specific to the farm, soil type, climatic factors, crop stage and the irrigation system being used.

Pest & Disease Management

Changes in weather impact disease patterns in crops. Additionally, frequent disease/pest attacks can adversely impact crop outcome. To help with timely and preventive application pesticides, our application provides both prediction and detection of disease and pests based on crop, weather and leaf image.

Crop Advisory Through Call & Chat

We understand your farm conditions, weather, crop stage, variety, and provide farmers actionable advisory on app, through call or chat in over 6 languages. Farmers are given complete guidelines on the steps to be followed to avoid any loss of crop, growth, and improve cropping practices.

Mandi Prices & Market Access

We provide real-time mandi prices to farmers from their nearest mandi. Farmers can use this to plan the sale of produce based on latest prices, and compare prices with other nearby mandis. Additionally, with over 11,000+ outlets across 134 towns, WayCool is able to provide a wide reach to the farmers’ produce.

GWX100- Weather Station

Water and weather are the most critical aspects that impact the yield of crops. The infrequent rainfall, changes in temperature and in disease outbreaks lead to loss of harvesting and reduction of yields. GWX100 is an IOT-, Satellite- and AI-enabled smart-farm resource management tool, which provides farmers with micro-climatic conditions of their farms, real-time weather insights, future predictions, and irrigation planning so that they can take accurate, proactive, and preventive decisions. Knowing farm-level weather conditions is important to support precision farming. This device reads critical farm parameters such as atmospheric temperature, pressure, humidity, rainfall, and soil moisture. This is used to provide farm, weather, and crop-specific insights to the farmers via the Outgrow app. A farmer can see his farm conditions, get inputs on irrigation, get notified on possible crop diseases, and more anytime, anywhere. A Smart Device For Smart Farms.

Key features of GWX100:

  • Fully automated machine
  • Collects data based on global standards
  • Fully remote
  • Solar-powered with battery backup
  • GSM-based communication
  • Get real-time farm data in the app

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Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About Us
Hari Prasad
WayCool Farmer

The Outgrow App is a highly intuitive app that gives us real-time updates on mandi, weather, information on pests and diseases, and the latest videos on crop information. This app helps us with the correct information with regard to the cultivation cycle of each crop.

Gopala krishnan
Farmer from Rasipuram

I am a graduate in B.Sc Agriculture and have set up a soil testing facility on behalf of Outgrow in my district. Till now, we have conducted 50 tests and accordingly advised farmers to follow the best practices for their farm.

Vijay Sutar
Farmer from Pune

Lot of my issues are addressed after installing GWX-100 in my grape farm which gives accurate data on soil moisture, temperature, wind speed etc. helping me to take corrective action for controlling disease, and working towards water management.

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