ESG Initiatives: Climate Smart = Business Smart
At WayCool, ESG is not just an afterthought but embedded in all our processes
Our ESG initiatives are governed by three mandates. First, all ESG projects that we undertake are focussed on delivering tangible on-ground impact, and not mere ESG reporting. Second, all ESG projects are clearly ROI-driven while measuring the on-ground impact. And third, we stay ahead of what regulations demand and continue to push ahead relentlessly in adopting what the latest technologies offer us in terms of footprint and impact reduction. We firmly believe that doing good has to be good for business
#ClimateSmart = #BusinessSmart

Transforming farm tech, processing tech, distribution tech, retailer tech, consumer tech and financial tech with an integration core leading to transparency and intelligence across the food ecosystem

End-To-End Farming Solution

At WayCool, climate action is an element of business action where we are demonstrating how climate smart initiatives can create business smart impact contributing to multiple business bottom lines. WayCool’s Environment, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG) team was formed to build solutions that have a perennial impact on the environment and society

Net Zero Carbon Emissions

By deploying impactful decarbonising strategies, WayCool ensures a minimum footprint on our environment through large-scale carbon avoidance and carbon restoration projects across the value chain of the company

Net Water Positive

We aim to become water positive across our operations by undertaking initiatives that allow the company to give back more water than originally consumed

Net Zero Liquid Waste Discharge

We envisage ensuring 100% of the water treated and reused within our facility meets our domestic needs or goes into groundwater recharge. The objective is to cease dumping of used water into the ground or water channels that may add to existing pollutants

Our Vision

With a vision to build an efficient, impactful, and sustainable platform that handles 1% of the entire world’s food, sustainability is deeply integrated across WayCool’s value chain right from sourcing, supply chain operations, warehousing operations up to distribution

Climate Resilient Supply Chain

Focused on food development and distribution, we leverage innovative technologies to scale and operate a complex supply chain from soil-to-sale. The technology brings complete, real-time visibility and control across the supply chain, be it in demand planning, managing inventory, sales force automation, and distribution

With the use of advanced tools like AI and ML, we have not only created avenues of economic value to the farmers, retailers, and consumers, but built an efficient supply chain demonstrating resilience to climate change impact, and helped achieve regional food security food security

15,835 +
Tons Food Loss Avoided
$7.2 Mn
Economic Value Saved By Keeping Food In The Value Chain
7,730 tCO2e
Climate Impact - Food Waste Emissions Avoided

Harnessing Green Power

By effectively utilising the available roof area of distribution centres, WayCool has installed rooftop solar power plants to harness solar power for its daytime power consumption thereby reducing not only GHG emissions, but also reducing the operating costs pertaining to energy consumption by 43% in the facilities

12 %
Green Power Share in Operations
389,900 INR
Monetary Savings
96.3 tCO2e
Carbon Emissions Avoided

Energy Efficiency in Operations

Through various energy efficiency measures such as retrofitting facilities with energy efficient lighting, HVACs, and usage of building materials with desirable thermal properties, WayCool constantly reduces its energy consumption, operational cost and the associated GHG emissions

9,261 kWh
Energy Saved from Efficiency Measures
88,510 INR
Monetary Savings
7.6 tCO2e
Carbon Emissions Avoided

Creating Water Security: Treat & Reuse

Through installation of state-of-the-art water filtration and treatment systems, we aim to create water security by reusing treated water back in our operations for domestic and landscaping purposes and recharging the excess water to the groundwater table

2,068 kL
Reduction in Freshwater Withdrawal
23 %
Treated water share
1,118,160 INR
Monetary Savings

Green Logistics

As a commitment towards reducing the environmental footprint of our food distribution network, WayCool has deployed electric vehicles in our last mile delivery fleet to decarbonise our logistics-based emissions

744,466 kms
Green Kilometers
22 %
Electric Vehicles (EV) Share in Last Mile Fleet
179.4 tCO2e GHG
Emissions Avoided

Increasing Green Cover

Recognised as excellent carbon sinks, the Miyawaki method of urban forests help reduce the temperatures of concrete heat islands, reduce air and noise pollution, protect bare ground from soil erosion and flooding, and support biodiversity

34,660 sq.ft
Miyawaki Forests in Chennai & Coimbatore
660,000 Kg
CO2e Sequestration Estimated After Full Growth of Both Miyawaki Forests

Awards and Accolades

WayCool - The Sustainability Champion

WayCool is a proud winner of the SAP Ace Awards presented by the SAP India group as the “Sustainability Champion”. This achievement underlines our commitment towards sustainability through the display of strong governance systems