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Who we are

India's Leading Food & Agri Tech Company, supplying 1,500+ tonnes of food to a network of 165,000+ retailers every day
Reimagining the food supply chain by flipping the ecosystem from supply-led to demand-led.
200 K+
Farmer Network
1500 +
Tonnes Of Food
Moved Every Day
165 K+
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WayCool is the only full stack operator moving product from soil to sale, powered by a single integrated technology stack that provides visibility and control across the entire supply chain

With a robust artificial intelligence based demand forecasting model at our core, we operate a direct, demand driven, lean supply chain. The traditional supply chain where farmers produce based on their past practices rather than according to demand, and where goods move from farmer to retailer through as many as 11 steps, results in repetitive instances of over- and under- supply, food loss of >14% and price volatility. WayCool's seamless flow of demand information from retailer to farmer, and of physical supply from farmer to retailer, matches supply closely to demand, resulting in food losses of <4%


Most Comprehensive Tech Stack

Transforming farm tech, processing tech, distribution tech, retailer tech, consumer tech and financial tech with an integrated core leading to transparency and intelligence across the food ecosystem

End-To-End Farming Solution

Equipping farmers with the right data, know-how of good agricultural practises, resources and technology for higher yield and returns

Most Advanced Retail Tech

Our AI-driven procurement and planning engine has a 85% demand prediction accuracy which ensures over 98% fill-rate with one-day inventory which has resulted in a 92% customer retention rate

What we do

From Soil to Sale or Fork to Farm, and everything in between
WayCool connects the farmer's output to retailers by operating a single technology enabled supply chain, while offering products and services for every stakeholder along the supply chain - retailers, distributors, wholesalers, food processing institutions, and the farmers.
Supply Of Branded Staples, fresh produce and dairy products
Offering reliable supply of a wide range of branded grains and staples, nuts and spices, value added food products, fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products, all deep sourced from WayCool's vast network of farmers and primary processors; to retailers and institutional clients across Southern India and the Middle East.
Private Label Packaging
Private label packaging of over 350 SKUs of staples, grains, nuts and spices for consumer packaged goods manufacturers, modern retailers and online platforms, and several other clients, across Southern India and the Middle East, using WayCool's network of FSSC22000 certified, fully automated repacking units and the same sourcing network used for its own brands
High Volume Trading
High volume, full container/full truckload sales of grains and staples (raw and milled) , nuts and spices, flours, sugar and fresh produce to food processing units, mills, traders and bulk buyers across India and the Middle East; all sourced from WayCool's deep network of farmers, mills and other suppliers
Logistics And Distribution Solutions
Warehousing, picking, packing, distributorship and last mile delivery solutions of packaged goods and fresh produce, for FMCG companies, e-commerce platforms, modern retail chains and HoReCa clients across Southern India; leveraging the extensive warehouse and logistics platform built by WayCool for its own goods.
Supply Chain Tech Solutions
Fully integrated, as well as modular technology solutions for distribution management, warehouse automation, quality management, farmer engagement, farm management and enterprise platform implementation for clients in the food and agri space worldwide, offered by Censa, WayCool's technology subsidiary, based on years of testing and proving in WayCool's extensive supply chain network.
Agri Services
Backed by a team of agri-doctors, Outgrow - the farmers engagement arm of WayCool, provides comprehensive advisory and customized solutions to over 200K+ farmers. The Outgrow app offers services like crop information


WayCool's homegrown brands are built ground up with extensive quality control from source to your doorstep

We provide best-in-class consistency and variety across product categories including Fruits, Vegetables, Cooking Oils, Dairy, Rice, Pulses, and even value added products like Pastes, Purees, and Batter.

Widest range of rice varieties from all across India

Your kitchen companion that helps you experience good quality ingredients for working your magic every meal

Fresh, high quality Indian fruits and vegetables

Premium fruit from all over the world, carefully graded for taste and quality

Premium Indian Apples and Citrus, processed and packed to global standards

Make traditional cooking convenient with a range of ready to cook and ready to eat products

Processed potato products to make your cooking convenient


ESG Initiatives: ClimateSmart=BusinessSmart

At WayCool, ESG is not just an afterthought but embedded in all our processes. Our ESG initiatives are governed by three mandates. First, all ESG projects that we undertake are focussed on delivering tangible on-ground impact, and not mere ESG reporting. Second, all climate mitigation and climate adaptation projects are clearly ROI-driven while measuring the on-ground impact. And third, we stay ahead of what regulations demand and continue to push ahead relentlessly in adopting what the latest technologies offer us in terms of footprint and impact reduction. We firmly believe that doing good has to be good for business.