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Reimagining the food supply chain by flipping the ecosystem from supply-led to demand-driven

About Us

As the only full-stack tech-led supply chain player in India, we focus on food cultivation, processing and distribution, leveraging innovative technology to scale and operate a complex supply chain from fork to farm. We have merged the physical and digital worlds for a “phy-gital” business model connecting farmers, processors, distributors and the retailers, while boosting profitability for every stakeholder. Our products include fresh fruits and vegetables, staples, nuts and spices, dairy, and value-added products
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Our Learnings From The Ground

The traditional supply chain is fragmented and offers no visibility to the farmers about market demand.

A simple observation of how the current supply chain works points out all the failings that need to be addressed. Let’s walk through what happens in a traditional supply chain – a farmer selects the crops to grow in consultation with his neighborhood farms or through generational practices. This crop then moves through multiple stakeholders while passing through the processing and distribution units, and finally reaches the market.

There is a huge gap between what the buyers are looking for, and what is available simply because the choice of harvest was never aligned with the market demand in the first place

traditional process

  • Farmer
    1/4 - 1/8 of retail prices
  • Processing
    Limited visibility of demand
  • distribution
    35% Food wastage
  • Retail
    Low fill rates Ind benchmark 80%

How Are We Reimagining This?

We are flipping the food value chain from supply-led to demand-driven through a comprehensive tech stack.

This ensures that the information about what the buyers are looking for travels through the supply chain back to the distributors, processors, and the farmers. This flow of data completely changes the game with a significant reduction in food wastage, while ensuring higher profits for everyone throughout the supply chain.

Unlike the traditional supply chain, where only material flows through the system, information, money and material flow through WayCool’s demand-driven supply chain

waycool process

  • Retail Tech
    Higher Margins for Retailers
  • distribution Tech
    Upto 95% Fill Rate
  • Processing Tech
    <4% wastage
  • Farmer Tech
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