Revolutionising The Agricultural Landscape In India

At Outgrow, we focus on enhancing the resilience of Indian agriculture, and promoting sustainable agriculture practices


Outgrow provides one-stop farming solutions for farmers. A part of WayCool Foods and Products Pvt. Ltd., we at Outgrow firmly believe that it is our moral responsibility to educate, enlighten and empower our farmers through the infusion of technology. Working with a base of over 200K farmers, we provide techniques and cutting-edge technological solutions to aid farming.

Outgrow is the agricultural and farmer engagement arm of WayCool, established on 4th March 2020. The AI-based platform – Outgrow app has over 200K downloads. Backed by a team of agri-doctors, Outgrow provides comprehensive advisory and customised solutions to over 200K farmers. The Outgrow app offers services like Crop Health Information, Automated soil testing, Climatic condition, Real-time mandi price, and Holistic farm advisory for the farmer networks in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana


Our Phygital model

Outgrow is a Phygital platform, bringing the physical network of Outgrow Network Partners (ONPs), and Digital Services through Outgrow - Kisan Ka Super App together. Outgrow Network Partners are the one-stop for all Outgrow services and are a farmer’s trusted partner. They provide services such as Automated Soil Labs, Microclimatic Weather Devices, Agri Input Purchase and Crop Advisory. Outgrow - Kisan Ka Super App is an easy to use and intuitive application. Farmers can predict and detect crop disease real-time, get everyday mandi prices, know how and when to irrigate, call and chat with agri-experts. This application helps farmers improve their productivity and reduces losses in crop lifecycle management

Outgrow Network Partners (ONP):

We nurture & empower rural youth as Outgrow network partners to be a vital player in the agriculture value chain by catering to all requirements of farmers in their respective regions. ONPs would be a one stop shop for soil testing, agri inputs, etc

Digital Services:

The Outgrow platform is an easy-to-use and intuitive application available in 6 languages. With features and services like disease prediction, disease detection, weather updates, crop health, mandi price, irrigation management, soil test, crop information, and call and chat support with our agronomists. We have a dedicated agronomy farmer support centre that handles queries in six different languages in order to increase farmer productivity and reduce costs throughout the crop life cycle

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Pest & Disease Management

With the help of our AI enabled Pest & Disease Detection and Pest & Disease Prediction with our IOT Device GWX100, farmers can identify pests and diseases by clicking and uploading the affected part of the plant. In addition to this, they can also get corrective measures and suggestions for pests and disease prevention

Soil Health Management

Soil testing is an impactful way to understand the current nutritional status and balance of soil. We at Outgrow stand out to own the feature of soil testing. Our soil testing report is processed within 48 hours. Soil nutrition and soil health is very critical for crop growth hence the yield. Our soil testing feature will help farmers test soil health by requesting via our app & submitting the soil sample to nearby Outgrow Network Partner (ONP)

Crop Advisory (Call & Chat)

In the Outgrow app, farmers can use the free advisory by messaging in the chat messenger. Farmers can chat with professional crop advisors via text or call on the designated 10-digit number 9020601234 . Our advisors will help farmers with scientific-based and process-oriented suggestions.

Chat messenger is powered with 6 languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada

Irrigation management

Water plays a key role in the growth of the crop. The right quantity and right time are very critical and impact the overall growth and yield of the crop.

With the use of GWX100 – IOT device, the Outgrow app will help farmers get water requirements for the upcoming 7 days. This will help the farmer plan his/her water resources optimally and can benefit by cutting costs and getting better yields

Mandi Prices

Farmers are connected to Mandi brokers and mediators to get the right price. Nevertheless, this data could be inconsistent depending on the number of mandis present in their approachable area and number of people involved in the process. Getting accurate and more number of mandis which they can sell the crop produce to is a key pain point.

We offer 2500+ mandi price data and around 140+ crops produce value for the last 5 days to the farmers in the Outgrow app

Outgrow APP

It is a mobile application used by farmers for various farming and agriculture related know-how and beneficial information. Some of our available features are:

  • Pest & Disease Detection
  • Crop Protection
  • Crop Information
  • Weather
  • Mandi Prices
  • Soil Testing
  • Farm Health Monitoring (NDVI)
  • Smart Irrigation Planner
  • Spray Management
  • Disease Prediction
  • Chat & Call Support


Regenerative Agriculture

Outgrow engages thousands of farmers to practice regenerative agriculture principles such as crop diversification, minimum/no tillage, cover crops,a year round roots in the soil, green manuring and livestock integration to improve the soil organic matter by sequestering atmospheric carbon. Through Outgrow, WayCool has developed a holistic and integrated solutions to address that

GWX100 - IOT Device

Water & weather are the most critical aspects that impact the yield of crops. The infrequent rainfall, changes in temperature and in disease outbreaks lead to loss of harvesting and reduction of yields. GWX100 is an IOT, Satellite & AI enabled Smart-Farm resource management tool which provides farmers with accurate information