Creating Women Leaders to Upgrade Quality and Productivity

The best solutions are sometimes found in unexpected places. For an excellent working example of lean tools, we had to look no further than how Indian women plan their work and execute it. Here are some of the real-time examples which we found in our kitchen.

All SKUs are kept in glass bottles and in order so that MSL, danger Level of inventory and EOQ is clearly visible. Replenishment happens as per need. The frequently used SKUs are kept near the stove (Poka Yoke) so that search time is eliminated and is ergonomically easier as well. Here, less search time means high productivity. We also see 5s at its best – proper sorting, place for everything, daily cleaning, standardization of the process and sustainable for years. A good example of cycle time reduction by SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) could be seen in how the meal preparation happens. While the rice is soaked, women plan the vegetable cutting; when sambar is on the stove, they prepare items for rasam and other sides. In forty-five minutes, meal preparation for the whole day is over. This is an effective utilization of time. Inventory and FIFO is maintained properly in the kitchen. To handle food waste, women teach their children not to waste food (dump) and handover responsibility by asking them to clean their own plates. In addition to this, women also plan all the activities for the children while cooking, and execute it to core perfection. When it comes to time management, line balancing is perfectly executed as per the demand and cooks with shorter lead time with n number of variety.

This unparalleled efficiency which women bring to the table is observed within WayCool too. We were no match with the grading efficiency of women in the packing line. Packing productivity is at its best – 450 packs/women per day considering 90 varieties of SKUs. The credit goes to women in executing the 1.7 lakh packets in less than a day from CC & DC. In fact, our packing line is completely run by women employees. The backend MIS works is also executed at its best by our backend women team.

We have created women entrepreneurs in garlic peeling units & few other areas. We observed that 5s was at its best where women are leaders for zones. In these teams, we noticed exemplary dedication in tasks like operating VPM, onion grading m/c, auto weighing on their own. When it comes to quality, the packing quality in wrapping and LDPE is at its best. bandarqq dominoqq pkv games pkv games pkv games pkv games slot thailand slot dana situs toto X500 judi bola judi bola